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Why You Should Subscribe to the Manager Minute

by Adam Cuzzort

At the end of 2019, we launched the Manager Minute — the first weekly email newsletter written explicitly for sales managers. It’s personally drafted by Loupe CEO, Pat Rodgers and delivered to sales managers all across the country. 

The Manager Minute is a quick (less than 60-second) read. It’s designed to add real value, to help you plan, coach, forecast, and proactively become a better manager. 

We’re a little biased, sure. But we wanted to take a few quick minutes and let you know why we think subscribing to the Manager Minute is such a good idea. 

Here’s three quick reasons why it’s worth getting this short note delivered to your inbox once a week.

1) You Will Become a Better Manager

The first and most important reason you should subscribe to the Manager Minute is simple. It will make you a better manager. 

That’s not to say you’re a bad manager now. Not at all. In fact, only good managers would be reading this post. Only good managers are thinking about subscribing to something like the Manager Minute because the best managers in the world know how important it is to get better every day.

The Manager Minute is about doing whatever you can to gain a broader perspective and empower yourself to make the right decisions when it matters. Only then can you elevate and multiply the effectiveness of your team.

The Manager Minute is designed to arm you with that perspective. It’s built around short stories and real world experiences. In just a minute every Sunday morning, you will expand your sales management toolkit and grow. 

2) Join a Community of Sales Managers, Like You

Sales managers are underserved. Of course there is no shortage of sales content. If you hunt and peck around you can find plenty of information. But why would you want to hunt and peck? Especially when the vast majority of sales content is written for either sales leadership or sales reps. 

When we created the Manager Minute we set out to build a newsletter and a following exclusively for Sales Managers. Everything we discuss, all the stories and tips, are for you. 

As of the writing of this blog, we’ve not had one manager unsubscribe from this email. The weekly open rate is over 80%. We don’t say that in a self-promotional kind of way. Our point is that sales managers find real value in this note because it’s so tailored to them. 

Subscribers are encouraged to reply to the weekly email with questions, comments, and polls. Our vision for the Manager Minute is for it to grow into a thriving, two-way conversation — a true community of sales managers, all helping to lift each other up.

The Manager Minute is step one of that vision.

3) It’s Short, Sweet and Effective

We are sales people, just like you. Therefore, we know you don’t have hours and hours to read blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers. 

Because of that, we keep the Manager Minute short and highly valuable. 

The average issue takes about 60-seconds to read. Our motivation is not to use the email to sell Loupe. Our motivation is to deliver jam-packed value in as few words as possible and build better managers across the sales world. 

We deliver it every Sunday morning. Whether or not you read it over your morning coffee, warming up before a run, at night during the game, or first thing Monday is up to you. Our intention is to help you get the new week started off right. 


We want you to subscribe to the Manager Minute. We won’t lie. 

We’re building the biggest and baddest community of sales managers. If you’ve made it this far in the post, it means you are probably a good fit. You’re committed to constant learning and improvement. And you want your team to be more successful both for the company and for themselves.

At this point, why not give it a shot? In a worst case scenario, you can unsubscribe if you don’t like it. 

We hope to see you out there. 

Subscribe to the Manager Minute here.

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