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Revenue Leadership
Gain the visibility needed to confidently call your business while keeping your managers focused on what matters most.
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Sales & Revenue Ops
Reduce the manual analysis and focus on the bigger picture. Provide your teams with the answers they need in real-time.
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Enablement & Productivity
Identify the key opportunities for improvement and measure the ROI of every initiative you roll out.
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Frontline Sales Manager
Stop playing from behind and proactively drive every sellers productivity and revenue attainment.
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Sales Skills Training Tools

If you want to improve your performance in the business world, then you need to think about your sales techniques. No matter what sophistication level your organization is at or the tenure of your sales team, it is always helpful to create and update your sales training agenda. Many sales skills training tools will help you create, monitor, and track these agendas. When you apply sales training methods appropriately, you can dramatically improve your team’s ability to connect with your clients and customers. Some of the main benefits of going through a sales training curriculum include:

  • Boost Your Revenue: One of the first reasons why you should be looking for ways to improve your sales skills is that this is going to increase your revenue. Given that revenue is what companies need to keep their operations going, it is critical for sales teams to find ways to close deals more effectively. By going through sales training on a regular basis, it is easier for sales teams to keep up with the latest trends, methods, and techniques in the field.
  • Target Bigger Deals: Another reason why sales training is important is that this can help teams close deals with bigger clients. As sales teams start to gain a reputation in the industry, they are going to gain the attention of some of the biggest clients in the field. As a result, sales training can put companies on the map, helping them gain bigger leads and close larger deals.
  • Apply Best Practices: Finally, sales training is also important because this can help sales teams apply the best practices in the field. In order for sales teams to be effective, they need to work together and stay on the same page. If sales teams are not one coherent unit then they’re going to have a hard time convincing clients to sign on the dotted line. This is where sales training is helpful, as it ensures sales teams focus on the best practices. 

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of sharpening sales skills on a regular basis. Even if sales teams are producing great results already, there is always room to improve. When sales teams focus on how they can get better, the results are going to speak for themselves. 

The Types of Sales Training Methods

When it comes to the types of sales training methods, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Everything from sales basics for beginners to the top sales training programs can be effective for sales teams at different points in time. Some of the types of sales training programs include:

  • Individualized Feedback: One of the most common types of sales training programs is individualized feedback. This is where sales managers pull their individual sales professionals aside and provide them feedback on their performance, results, and abilities.  In some cases, frontline sales managers may provide feedback based on a recorded training session or observe sellers in a live setting. In other cases, they might be working with direct sales numbers. Regardless, individualized feedback is something that should be happening on a continuous basis. That way, sales professionals will be reminded of what they need to do to improve their numbers. 
  • External Seminars and Sales Retreats: Another type of sales training program that is effective involves external seminars and sales retreats. These are larger programs that are typically tailored to a whole department or an entire company. These types of retreats are beneficial not only for refreshing employees but also for providing information on new products or services that the company might be providing. This is one of the most effective ways to educate sales teams on new items they might be selling. That way, they will know the details of these products and will be able to tailor them to meet the needs of their clients. 
  • Online Sales Modules: When it comes to teaching sales professionals about new best practices in the field, one of the most efficient ways to do so is through an online sales module. Because these modules are not going to require additional time on behalf of the frontline sales managers, they are incredibly efficient forms of asynchronous training. Furthermore, they can also be tailored to meet the individual time constraints of the sales team. It is important to institute a continuing education program to ensure sales teams stay on top of the best practices in the field. 

These are a few examples of sales programs that can be effective for sales teams at different points in time. Whether a company employs sales 101 training or advanced programs for experienced sales teams, it is critical to offer numerous types of sales training so that sales professionals can tailor their programs to meet their individual needs. The ability to customize sales programs to the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams is a major benefit of a comprehensive training program. 

Courses to Improve Sales Skills

When it comes to basic sales training, an introductory course load is important. The top sales training programs all provide sales training courses for beginners and ramping reps. By creating or employing a consultant to help generate a sales training manual, both beginners and seasoned sales professionals will be able to hone their skills, align to your organizations selling motion, and get up to speed quickly. Some of the top sales training topics include:

  • Consultative Sales Training: A consultative sales training course is important for teaching sales professionals how to communicate with their customers. Particularly for businesses that sell services instead of products, it can be difficult to describe the benefits of an abstract item. This is where consultative sales training can be important. 
  • Sales Negotiation: Particularly when it comes to big-ticket items, negotiation is going to be incredibly important. Even though sales professionals want to close the deal, they do not want to give away free money. Therefore, sales negotiation classes are important for teaching sales professionals how to leverage various facets of a deal against each other to improve their results. 
  • Emotional Sales Intelligence: In the B2C world, purchasing cycles are short and consumers often make decisions based on emotion. Therefore, emotional sales intelligence is incredibly important. This type of course will teach sales professionals how to read body language, how to communicate emotions with their voices, and how to read the responses of their clients. This will help them cater to the needs of their clients and close deals more efficiently. 
  • Sales Presentation Training: When it comes to sales, everything is in the presentation. There is never a second chance to make a first impression, so sales professionals have to make sure that the first presentation always counts. This is where presentation courses are helpful. Even advanced sales professionals can use an occasional refresher when it comes to sales presentations. 

These courses are incredibly helpful for sales professionals. By breaking down training into specific sales training modules, sales managers can tailor their sales courses to meet the needs of their individual employees. This can go a long way toward improving results. 

Tips to Help You Improve

Regardless of whether someone is looking for tips for sales for beginners or assistance for experienced teams, everyone can benefit from sales training tips. By applying sales training material, every team can improve its results. When looking for sales training games, it is helpful to apply some fun sales training ideas. When looking at 50 activities for sales training, a few of the top examples include:

  • Pitch Scattergories: Most people have played the game Scattergories before. This is a fun game that can also be applied to the world of sales. There are numerous categories, each of which contains different products. Everyone picks up a random card with a category on it. Then, they need to try to sell that product in the best manner possible. By playing for several rounds, all sales teams are going to be exposed to a wide variety of products, improving their versatility. 
  • “I Still Don’t Get It:” This is a game that teaches sales teams to control their emotions. There is one person who is continually trying to sell an item. The other person simply replies that they “still don’t get it.” The goal of this exercise is to teach sales teams to explain their items and multiple ways. That way, if they encounter a client who doesn’t understand one sales pitch, the sales professional will be able to start again and explain the item in a different way. 
  • “What’s Up?:” This is a different game that requires a public place to be applied. And this game, sales teams travel to a bar, a mall, or another busy public place. The goal is for sales teams to approach strangers and busy, public areas. The goal is to simply start up a conversation. Then, sales teams compete to see how long the conversation lasts. The purpose of this exercise is to teach sales professionals how to approach strangers with a sense of confidence. 

These sales training ideas can be incredibly helpful for teams at all levels; however, one key tip that all sales teams and businesses should always leverage involves advanced software. Every team should have software that can help them understand their sales team’s data and coaching. This is where can be helpful.

When it comes to software that supports effective sales training and sales training techniques, it is critical to track the data. This is where can be helpful. Canopy’s software supports managers and enablement teams throughout all sales training steps. Some of the ways that Canopy is helpful include:

  • Signals: Canopy uses signals to provide revenue teams with a way to stay proactive with real-time notifications, customizable e-mails, opportunity risk identification, and custom signal creation. In turn, driving accountability to the process and rep success. 
  • Forecasting: Canopy uses active deal monitoring and forecasting workflows to provide comprehensive views of process adherence, variance reports, and pipeline snapshots.
  • Coaching: Sales managers can use Canopy to see everything that is needed to drive revenue, looking at team comparisons, individualized scorecards, and custom KPI monitoring to see quantifiable results in real-time.
  • Analysis: Canopy allows teams to break down the details of every pipeline and uncover key insights using slippage reporting, advanced filtering on key variables, stage by stage drill-down options, and in-depth source review.

When it comes to monitoring the success of different sales training techniques, it comes down to the capture of completion and establishing the right KPIs to monitor progress and improvement. Canopy helps frontline sales managers hold sellers accountable for the sales training process and gives them the ability to measure success with data. 

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