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Revenue Leadership
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Sales & Revenue Ops
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Enablement & Productivity
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Frontline Sales Manager
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Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is one of the most important metrics in the business world. For those who are asking “what is sales productivity,” the goal of sales productivity is to maximize the amount of time that is spent on those activities that are critical in the completion of a sale. The goal of all of this is to minimize the number of resources needed to accomplish these tasks. Some of the key tasks involved in the sales process include networking, client meetings, and prospecting. The resources that are needed to accomplish these tasks include time, money, and effort.

A sales productivity report is important because it quantifies the number of resources that are needed to complete a sale. This is a critical part of generating accurate sales productivity statistics. One of the most important metrics of sales productivity is efficiency which is directly related to the distribution of resources. Some of these resources include time, which is valuable because it is the one thing that cannot be created. The other important metric in the sales productivity formula is effectiveness, which is how well the resources are used to accomplish the ultimate goals.

The goal of being productive in sales is to generate more revenue. Critical parts of how to make a sales team more productive include thinking about sales technology, wasting time with unproductive prospecting, wasting time spending emails, and effort spent on a dead-end project. There are several increase sales productivity tips in every improving sales productivity ppt that everyone should consider. Some of the topics covered in a sales productivity blog include sales productivity problems and timely solutions. Those who are looking to increase the return on their investment need to find ways to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales productivity. This will lead to a greater revenue stream.

Sales Productivity Tools

Tools for sales play a critical role in helping someone increase their sales productivity. As alluded to above, the goal of these tales tools is to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of sales productivity. With this goal in mind, there are a number of tools that can free up resources that can be used more effectively.

One of the key enterprise sales tools is a sturdy, well-built, and easily-integrated CRM system. First and foremost, the CRM platform needs to integrate with other important sales tools. Among the types of sales tools, this is arguably the most important. If the CRM tool is able to integrate with other devices in sales, this can save someone a tremendous amount of money. Those who are looking to make an investment in the best sales tools 2018 or best sales tools 2019 need to take a look at their CRM system.

Sales tools for sales reps should also include an automated appointment scheduling system. As mentioned above, wasted time will severely hurt someone’s productivity. One of the least efficient and effective uses of someone’s time is scheduling appointments. Anyone can do this and the sales rep is better off meeting with clients or networking. With this in mind, digital sales tools should include an automated appointment scheduling system. This will save valuable time that can be spent doing other, more productive, tasks.

Those who are looking for other B2B sales tools should take a look at their proposal creation and document signing software. Like the automated appointment scheduling system, this should integrate with the CRM system. This is a powerful piece of software because it can automate a lot of the repetitive tasks that sales reps waste their time working on. Having to manually create a proposal or document signing template by hand every time is, simply, a waste of time. There are impressive sales tools that can generate numerous effective templates that can save someone a tremendous amount of effort.

B2B Sales Metrics

Those who are looking for a way to firmly quantify their sales should take a look at sales productivity metrics. There are several parts of sales metrics pdf that everyone needs to keep in mind. How to track sales is a key part of looking for ways to improve. Of course, the most important of the inside sales metrics is revenue. Also called quota, this is a measure of how much money the sales representative is generating. As this is the ultimate goal of business, this obviously needs to be tracked.

There are several other key sales analytics metrics. The conversion rate is one of the most important channel sales metrics. For those who might not know, the conversion rate is the percentage of times a lead is converted into a sale. Because a lead already has some interest in the product or service, this is a prime opportunity to acquire a new customer. When a lead becomes a loyal customer, this is referred to as a conversion. Conversion rate is important because each conversion takes time. The more leads that become valuable customers, the better that person’s time is being spent. The conversion rate needs to be tracked.

Some of the other important inside sales KPI metrics include calls made and emails sent. These two markers can be indicators of the amount of time that is spent prospecting. As sales force effectiveness metrics, these two indicators need to be tracked closely. It is important for sales reps to spend time making calls and sending emails as they look for new customers. At the same time, it is important not to spend too many resources trying to acquire customers who simply aren’t interested. If a representative spends too much time making calls and sending emails, they aren’t spending enough time meeting with clients and networking. Keep a close eye on this sales metrics template.

How to Generate More Sales

Of course, one of the most important questions that people ask is how to improve sales performance ppt. It is important for everyone to think about how to improve sales skills. There are a number of changes that a manager can make that might lead to higher sales productivity.

While this might seem obvious, it is important for every sales representative to think about how he or she is interacting with a potential customer. The customer needs to be both happy and satisfied. Make sure that the representatives are being warm and friendly with the customer. Try to be both friendly, charming, and open. Try to identify the needs of the customer. Then, explain how the product or service is going to fulfill those needs. Lastly, the representatives should also make sure they know the field. Take the time to learn the jargon. This will improve customer-representative interactions.

Another way that managers can improve their sales is to improve the technology that the sales reps are using. By improving the technology that is present, the representatives can focus on more valuable uses of their time such as client meetings and networking. If the technology is able to handle a lot of the menial tasks, such as scheduling appointments and generating documents, this is more time the representatives can spend selling. Do not underestimate the power of technology.

It is also important for managers to incentivize their sales representatives. The manager needs to be supportive of his or her representatives; however, remember that the sales reps are people as well. If there are rewards, such as a bonus or a commission increase, on the other side this is going to go a long way toward encouraging the sales representatives to sell more. Think about using a system such as this to increase sales. The representatives will reward the company with a significant boost in their sales productivity.

How to Measure Sales Performance

Finally, it is also important for managers and companies to measure sales performance. Thinking about how to measure sales productivity is a key metric for every sales representative. While the easiest metric is revenue, or quota, there is a lot more that goes into measuring sales performance and thinking about ways to improve sales performance. Even though it is still important to look at revenue, there are a few other key indicators that matter when it comes to sales performance.

First, take a look at the representative’s revenue by product line. Typically, representatives are selling more than one product or service. Some representatives are going to be better at selling certain products than others. Where does the representative excel? Where does the representative fall short? Then, match up the strengths and weaknesses of each representative to find a way to improve everyone’s performance.

Another option is to look at the year over year growth for each representative. It is unfair to compare one representative who has been with the company for decades with another person who just arrived. Ideally, the representatives should be improving from year to year. Make sure that the representatives are finding ways to improve their sales performance. If a representative reaches a plateau, think about why this might be happening. Then, find a way to help this sales representative improve his or her performance. 

Lastly, it is also important to break down a representative’s sales performance by the type of customer. Ideally, the representative should find ways to retain their existing customers. Make sure this is the case. Then, take a look at the existing customers and see if any upselling is happening. Are existing customers buying new products? Are they coming back to repeat their existing orders? This is a key indicator of a representative’s performance. Of course, also take a look at how the representative does with new customers. What is his or her conversion rate? All of this matters in someone’s sales performance.

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